Streaming To The Tenth Power

Well its here everyone the day we have all been waiting for, a day in which the physical reassurance of owning a physical consoles and copies of your favorite video games might have to set sail and journey into the deep horizon never to be seen again. The incoming all digital world surrounds us and boxes us in ala Fortnite. Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the next wave of gaming, where digital only is no longer only but video gaming as a whole. Where me as a thirty-five-year-old gamer becomes the elder and with teary eyes stores away my big fat Xbox and my slim PlayStation 4 into the that unused amazon box to keep as a reminder of time which once was gaming. The future lurks every so quietly behind us stealthier than the stealthiest hero we ever played as. To assassinate our memories of holding that physical copy of Halo 2 in our hands, and unwrapping that shiny plastic sheen to smell that beautiful new game smell aroma as it touched the very essence of what is our dopamine for gaming. The digital world looms and with it comes the new age of the amazons and googles of this world. Marking us with a digital print that we carry throughout to keep track of all our data from game purchases to achievements. What does this mean for the collector in all of us? Are we the next VHS in the gaming world ? We have seen with our very own eyes the power that comes with the technology of streaming services vs walking into a blockbuster to pick out that newest release with your best mates.

What we have here is the future and the future although clean and digitized and organized with the ultimate power of Microsoft dollars and google power backing it up, is robbing the very essence of what gaming is all about, and what made me fall in love with it from the beginning. Thats right you nailed it we are talking about social interaction. The times ahead look lonely to me as I see a future where I don’t line up anymore with all my local gamer’s at the local Gamestop to wait for that new release. Gone are the days of meeting those people you never thought existed in your neighborhood in person. And shocking yourself in realizing you are not the only gamer in your small town that has a hidden love for Syphon Filter still. Instead we are now masked with new PSN names finally, thanks Sony. There are so many reasons how going all digital for gaming can kill what makes gaming so great. While there are many reasons why it will make gaming bigger than ever. But to the individual like myself who grew up counting the days to line up and meet new friends and gamer alike I see only dark times ahead. And look forward to reading the incoming articles of the last Gamestop still open. Only time will tell what true digital and streaming will do to gaming. But in the mean time I’m going to go glance over my achievements and trophies and gloat about them with my imaginary video gamer friend sitting next to me in my room. Asking me if I want to go buy some Mountain Dew and pick up the new Halo.

PSN Name Changes Incoming


It’s a good day for googlyeyes43 on psn today as Sony has finally given us the key to their psn name kingdom in the form of an update rolling out first for the PlayStation Preview Members, before eventually making its way to us common folk once the bugs and kinks are worked out. Well before we begin to divulge the information as to the benefits of gaining such high end access to the PlayStation network, to change that name we so rightfully cringe about every time we share our psn names with new friends and family yes I’m talking to you toejamcheese6969. We should dive into what made this update so impossible to to attain in the past 5 years. Well first things first let’s see what Sony Computer Entertainment America’s President and CEO Shawn Layden had to say about the matter back in 2014 “The road map for feature extension is very long. It goes from here to Hangzhou in China,” Layden remarks when asked about not only changing one’s PSN name, but about other oft-requested features like deleting unwanted Trophies. “And all of those things are on there. Yeah, we want to give you more control across your experience and your profile and your presence on the network. We want to do name changing in a way that’s transparent, but also don’t let people morph themselves, either. And yeah, it’s terrible that you must make decisions on a service sometimes by optimizing around the bad actor. I hate that we must do that. So, we’re trying to balance that between… the 99 percent of users going to have a good experience, how can we help make that happen without giving one more tool to the bad actor to go in and ruin the experience for others?”

So what do these enigmatic and cryptic remarks mean to the good old joe wanting to make up for his past mistakes in the psn name decision game ? Well first things first Sony wants to make sure it has the proper limitations set in place for keeping the psn service clear of names that can offend or cause issues with younger gamers who are new to the ever evolving beautiful world that is the PlayStation Network. Yes I’m looking at you random Call of Duty server harboring the mass of thirteen year old’s that know my mom in the most provocative ways. Realistically nobody wants to enter an online space just to be verbally abused by dickmonger763, but would rather enter knowing that they are in a safe space at least in terms of extremely offensive names that burn a hole in your headset after you hear them repeated thirty times throughout a match of the recent blackout beta I just experienced.

The real meat and potatoes of which held back this update for so long really comes with trophies and keeping them tied to your beautiful name wherever you may take it. From your dead Vita, to your brand new Ps4 Pro, the possibilities of having a digital backpack that you take with you throughout the Sony verse is something that almost every gamer would hate to let go of. From the prestigious trophy hunters, to the red eyed thirty five year old who struggled to get that last trophy in Last of Us Grounded mode. Sony took their time, and with the whole situation I walk away with one undeniable outcome of it all. If you whine enough you get what you want and that is what true gaming is all about.